How to Stimulate The Senses of Fetuses

How to stimulate the senses of taste in infants or fetuses - the sense of taste associated with the tongue that may feel bitter, sweet, salty and sour at an object that goes into baby's mouth. Prenatal Education or subsequent prenatal education is how to stimulate the taste buds in the fetus is still in the womb.

Sense of taste on the fetus will be formed at week 13 to week 15. At this age, the fetus can feel the bitter and sweet substances. Did the mother, that the amniotic fluid will be taken by a baby? if the baby's amniotic fluid feel sweet, then he will drink it and swallow it. However, if the amniotic fluid that he felt bitter, the fetus will wriggle and pull it out, and the fetus will stop drinking it.

In this age of a mother who contains should really pay attention to patterns and diet. Consumption of healthy foods and drinking water with enough will make the waters became sweet. Healthy diet for pregnant women should be consumed continuously. Mom can get green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, carrots and so forth. As for the fruit, the mother can get good nutrition from apples, avocados, oranges and others. The thing to remember is do not consume only one type of fruit and vegetables are the same every day in large portions. Mom can replace a different menu every day.

In addition to maintaining stamina can also be taking additional supplements or multivitamins for pregnant women. With so healthy mother is also likely to give birth to healthy babies. What is important in stimulating the taste buds in the fetus is the source of food and beverages consumed. Food and beverage consumed should be from a halal source because if a mother who consumed unclean food would adversely affect the fetus, such as:

1. The lack of guidance from God
2. Terhijabnya away from recognizing the truth
3. The liver becomes damaged and hard making it difficult to accept the teachings of truth
4. The supplication is not God
5. Not getting sustenance and blessing the useful life of
6. Prevented from getting a good science education
7. The restless mind and not peaceful and restless

Therefore, for your parents is important to pay attention and find out first about where the source of food and beverages you consume, because when the mother was pregnant with not only mothers who consume these foods, but the fetus in the mother's abdomen were also eaten. Sadly if it was still in the womb when she was forbidden to consume food that good of its kind or of obtaining food.

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