Acrylic resins are already used in the world of dentistry since 1937, as the base material for artificial teeth. However, because of expensive because it must import and sale price reached the price of four hundred thousand pounds, this material is then dibikinkan clone. Is Widowati Siswomihardjo MS who find alternative materials, polyester named EBP - 2421.

The study focused on a survey biokompabilitas tops material. The experiment was first performed on rat teeth. The result of this material has good biokompabilitas, although terms have not been able meyamai strength of acrylic resin. So the application of scientific presedur series is almost guaranteed safety.

Polyester EBP-2421 consists of three parts: the resin, promoter and catalyst that can be applied as a denture base, it is estimated there will be tremendous savings in the world of dentistry Indonesia. Though an inventor in the field of dentistry, believe not believe it, since graduating the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Gajah Mada, 1982, Widowati've never even pull a tooth of the patient. Because of these findings, accept the award categories Wodowati Patent / Patent deserve the best from GMU. Then in 2421 he had patented the invention of polyester.
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