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The ozone layer protects the earth's atmosphere has been perforated. Causing the earth heats up a few times. One possible cause is excessive amounts used Freon dams and of course the use of similar goods. Of course we do not want this is not sustainable? Now therefore let's both save energy in a way, unplug electrical current streker of electrical equipment is not used, turn off the lights, do not let the faucet is leaking and water poured in vain, and so forth.

If everything had been done, try it another way, namely using Hycool. A technology invented by a team of researchers from the Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). Discovery Hycool start time energy crisis occurred around 1983, where the crisis affected the indursti sector. When it Aryadi with two colleagues Nathanael Tandian and Ari Darmawan, was concerned by the increasingly thin ozone layer which serves to hold solar ultraviolet radiation. This is due to the use of freon in air conditioning and engine cooling like Refrigerator chlorine-containing substances.

Then the research team was formed specifically to look for more efficient cooling material enegeri than Freon. Their efforts succeeded to find a pure hirikarbon to replace Freon. Hydrocarbon was named Hycool. Hycool are three ingredients hydrocarbon refrigerant that is, the HCR-12 + LFS (Low Flammable Suspension), HCR 22 and HCR LSF-134a. All three are types of R22 Freon substitute that has been widely used. All three have three power, energy efficient or electric, environmentally friendly because it does not damage the ozone (ODP = 0) and does not cause global warming and can extend the life of the compressor or air conditioning.

Upon this discovery, researchers ITB team leader, received an award from President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on August 17, 2005 "Habibie Award" from former President BJ. Habibie in 2001 and the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT). In 2000, Hycool patented and developed in bulk by PT. Total Citra Buana Biru which its leaders are graduates of ITB as well.
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