Garang Asam recipe how to cook beans

Beans can also be used as an easy recipes prepared in a short time, one of which is as follows.

Garang Asam cooking recipe ingredient Beans
500 grams of beans
¼ old coconuts

Seasoning recipes cooking bean acid fierce:
5 red onions
3 garlic siugn
3 eggs hazelnut
2 bay leaves
6 eye tamarind
1 tsp brown sugar
Salt to taste

How to cook beans ferocious acid:
Shredded coconut and then squeeze and make 2 cups coconut milk
Beans chopped red onion sliced then fried ritpis

Blend all ingredients, stir and add bay leaves

Enter the chickpeas pour the coconut milk added with a sour coconut milk and cook until thickened. Lift.
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