In researching viral hepatitis medical world uses the research method with the name of PCR-RFLP (restriction fragment length polymorphism). His method is to search for single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the Pre-S2 region Dalan hepatitis B virus DNA This method does not appear by itself but rather found by a beautiful doctor named Neny Nurainy.

PCR-RFLP method will be used to replace the method has been used, namely sequencing the entire genome or the S gene region that is longer, lasting, and expensive. This method requires only once because the sequencing of the Pre-S2 region is only 165 nucleotides shorter. Whereas conventional methods of sequencing required at least seven times.

Method found this very beautiful doctor help doctors diagnose patients with hepatitis due to more specific and absolutely the destroyer attack against the virus. Patients were very helpful in determining what the most appropriate therapy for disease diagnosis hepatitisnya healing, but that with proper methods of hepatitis would be detected early before it turned into acute liver cancer.

But as we all know, the cost of hospital care, especially in Indonesia, not exactly cheap, especially for this type of dangerous diseases such as hepatitis, cancer, HIV and so forth. This is what is being debated for the people especially the middle class people like me down, while whoever the person would want to receive intense treatment when ill.
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