Breastfeeding is Important for Babies

Pregnant women need more nutrition than at the time before pregnancy, because when giving birth a mother will breastfeed her baby. Here are some tips on pregnancy that aims for a lot of milk when the mother was giving birth.

Avoid stress. As a new mother would be more or less will experience pressure or concerns about breast milk will be given to infants. At the time of first feeding of breast milk does not come out smoothly, but the mother does not need to worry, keep your baby feed as often as possible, this will stimulate the breast to remove the milk.

Apply light massage at the time before or after feeding, this will stimulate more milk to come out. You can also do massage in the bath. Massage is also useful for the mother's breast is not too cramped because of frequent breast-feeding a baby. If breast milk does not come out, the mother can do a light massage or help with the use breastpump to remove the milk.

Consumption of water after feeding or pumping breast milk. Water will be very useful for replacing fluid out through the breast milk fed to infants. other than that eating soy milk is also very good for fiber. If the mother does not like soy milk, the mother can replace it by drinking fruit juice. To remember is to avoid taking the ice, because what would the consumption of the baby's mother also took it through the mother's breast milk provide, drinking ice will cause the baby might be stricken with flu and cough.

If the mother wants to breast milk to leak out, eat nutritious foods like green vegetables. Mom can get it from katuk leaf, squash and others. Better to eat vegetables boiled in circumstances since the boiled vegetables consumed more healthy than the other processed.

Eating meat, eggs, tofu and so on can also help keep water out a lot of milk. Protein content contained in these foods other than useful to the mother is also useful for protein intake for infants. There are many more tips that pregnancy can know to increase breastfeeding mothers, mothers can get it in various media such as print or electronic media.
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