Cooking Recipes Salt Fish and Mixed Bread

Recipe cooking ingredients:
250 grams of fish oil bread jambal salty taste for frying and sautéing
7 red onions sliced
5 cloves garlic, roughly chopped
75 grams of red pepper slices oblique
75 grams of sliced ​​green peppers oblique
4 plum tomatoes cut into pieces
Salt to taste.

How to cooking salted fish mixed bread:
Rinse salted fish, diced 2x2x2 cm, fried until crispy. Remove and set aside
Heat remaining 3 tablespoons oil and fry the onion saute garlic until fragrant and wilted.
Enter the red chili and green chili peppers stir-fry until wilted. Enter the salted fish and tomatoes cook briefly then remove from heat.
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