Orchid In Indonesia

In Indonesia many types of orchids. Indonesian orchids generally have a variety of species. There are two species of orchid Indonesia is a very popular orchid that grows on the ground and orchids that grow on trees (parasite). Orchid orchid Coelogyne celebensis is Indonesia, which has a habitat of origin from Sulawesi.

Celebensis very suitable to be planted in lowland and diligent flowering. Besides Celebensis many more species of orchid that grows in the soil such as orchid dendrobium (Borneo) and Cymbidium orchid species (West Kalimantan). Recently found one more species of orchid species, Vanda metusale Indonesia. different from other orchid species, Vanda metulase have cultivated a high level of difficulty that can rarely flowering.

The orchid has its own value exotic beauty make orchids a lot of interest and used in weddings. There are many reasons why orchid flower was chosen as wedding decorations. The first reason is the uniqueness when blooming orchids and how to treat them a little tricky to make this flower has its own value. The second reason is the orchid flower has a beautiful variety of colors and if combined with other flowers will be increasingly reflected the beauty of the orchid, so naturally when orchids are often selected to beautify the wedding decorations.

For wedding decorations Cymbidium orchid species is one of the many orchid species are selected. Cymbidium have lids that strong, not easily wither and lasting for days. Cut a few stems cymbidium and match with other flowers, like roses and lilies. Make a series combination of these flowers as wedding flower bouquet. Apart from Cymbidium orchid species which can grow in soil. Phalaenopsis orchid species or can also be called Phals also often used for decorating the bride. Orchid phals has a variety of colors such as yellow, pink and white. Form of color-striped flowers and have a flowering period of a durable, making phals orchid species often seen as a bride on the wedding decorations.
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