Tips on How to Stimulate Baby Touch

Tips and how to stimulate the sense of touch in infants - as we have discussed previously that prenatal education (Prenatal Education) in infants is started when the husband and wife having sex. Ie during intercourse, couples should first read the prayer, ask God to be given to infants who later became the successor of descent and cling to religion. And after sexual intercourse should say Hamdallah as gratitude for favors granted when intercourse. This is done because sexual activity is not only to pursue the pleasure of a moment but rather the process of establishing a quality baby and avoid the role of the devil in such sexual activity.

Prenatal education is also useful to form the baby senses and can be done in line with the development of the fetus senses by giving stimulants through simple communication, though it may be the direction that is only the mother or the father who gives stimulation to the baby in the womb. But after the baby is actually observed to respond to stimuli it receives from outside the womb.

Prenatal education secondarily by stimulation of the senses. The sense of touch is evolving before the eighth week. When the fetus moves and the hands or feet appear on the mother's abdomen. Touch and caress is full of tenderness and affection to the fetus will give him peace. The fetus will feel the tenderness, love, and affection from his parents. Tenderness and affection given by the parent will cause a positive impression on the fetus. With so are expected to form the character of trust and confidence in facing life after birth.

For you are the husband, do not hesitate to caress your wife's belly, pregnant women who are psychologically needed love more and tend to be spoiled. This is not engineering but the wife is the desire of the baby who channeled through her mother's feelings. So, I wonder if a mother who was pregnant with her own belly rubbed frequently sometimes even unconsciously, will move his own mother's hand stroking her belly. And when the baby feel the caress, she will be calmer because they feel in loved by his parents.
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