Nuclear Containers

Nuclear power remains a bugbear for some people. Especially when considering trageni Chernobyl. One of the central pembangkint electric power in Ukraine that exploded on April 26, 1986 and claimed more than 4,000 workers. However the desire to build nuclear power plants (NPP) by some scientists still aspired.
In Indonesia these ideals set forth in Law no. Law 10/1997 on nuclear energy and the Long Term Development Plan in 2007. Based on these regulations, research of nuclear development in Indonesia could continue to run the first atomic research reactors was established in Indonesia on February 20, 1965. Even one of his scientists had discovered nuclear containers. He is Yudi Utomo Imardjoko.

Yudi managed to find a nuclear waste storage containers that could last up to 10 thousand years. Cylindrical container made of titanium, with a diameter of 1.6 meters, 4 meters long, 24 inches and wall thickness. Cylindrical shape was chosen for reasons easy to move, in addition to requiring less space than a square shape as well. But it was not enough, according to international regulations, an invention must pass through clinical trials. In 2001 the process of testing of the prototype cylinder made. First, the container was dropped to the ground by his side at the end, right at the weld.

If the quality lasnya bad, of course the container will leak. If the first stage managed to escape, the test is followed by a dropped cylinder right at the pole position in the middle of the cylinder. If the quality is not good, the container will crack. In the third bear, kotainer burned with fire for eight hours. When the third stand running smoothly, stage four containers will be soaked in a pool as deep as two meters for several hours and after it was hit by train containers. If the damaged locomotive means a container that is very strong.

The discovery was already obtained patent certificate in Indonesia and the United States. Clearly the discovery of Yudi enough to give meaning to the development of the utilization of nuclear technology, despite Indonesia's own new nuclear containers will be needed 50 years. Because in Indonesia there are no nuclear power plants. But at least it's good also if the security technology already owned by Indonesia's nuclear waste first.
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