Construction Spider Web Replace Asphalt

If we hear the word spider there may be many things that is reflected in our mind one of them is Spriderman. Store this hero is so familiar ears to us. Or maybe Tarantula, deadly animal from America and Australia. This time we do not want to discuss about Spiderman or the Tarantula or the other. It's about Construction roads that no longer made with asphalt but with reinforced concrete, which was named Construction Nest Spiders.

Construction system was discovered in 1976. The inventor? Two people of Indonesia, namely Ir. Sutjipto and Ir. Ryantori. When they had finished to hear lectures about the main cause of damage to the asphalt road that is pumping movement that emerged due to pressure from above elbih weight rather than pressure from below ground. The pressure was not balanced. Make a hole through the ground water pumped upward capillary cooking. This is the cause of bumpy asphalt layer and the beginning of the process of destruction. Generally, this process extends rapidly, since its foundation stone sank into.

After coming back from hearing a lecture on this construction both exchanging thoughts and agreed that the concrete system with a triangular bulkhead reinforcement can diterpakan for road construction. The idea was to get real evidence when both worked at. Morosakti General and got a new road construction projects in Jombang.

Permission and the cost of his company, Ryantori and Sutjipto make it part of the road with a system of spiders. The picture looks like: rib (rib), straight and flat arranged so that its top to form a triangle plot, with a rigid relationship. These ribs have the function of the construction. Precipitation (settlement), and the claimant. Furthermore, the cavity is filled layer between the soil and sand. Next compacted properly. compaction is done layer by layer, thickness of each layer approximately 20 cm, and two to three top layers must exceed 95 percent of maximum density. Nest Construction named Profit-Lamba (KSLL) because a similar shape cobwebs.

Besides having the advantage KSLL also have weaknesses, among others: not good for building a thin, sleek skyscrapers and buildings, because no resistance to the rocking sideways (horizontal), but very powerful to push down or heavy loads and large buildings. Currently marketing license system KSLL foundation is held by PT. Katama Suryabumi. One inventor KSLL Foundation, Ir. Sutjipto and more popular as a politician rather than popular in the field of construction, the young Secretary-General had served the party nd then also been elected as Vice Chairman of the MPR. While his partner Ir. Ryantori prefer a political rather than construction field.
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