Pure Natural Stone Marble soothing.

Pure Natural Stone MARBLE soothing.
Marble is a pure natural stone quarried from the mountains. formation process takes a long time. Kompisisinya consist of pure rock with no additional chemical elements. Therefore, if the marble is used as a tile. Residents will feel a natural cold. Not surprisingly, more expensive.But the high price of marble make most people are reluctant to buy it, despite the much sought-after marble. Prices are expensive and many people who chase encourage Warsimin Adiwarsito Mlese village of origin, Ceper District, Klaten, Central Jaya, has the idea to create a replica.

The process of making artificial marble is based on the knowledge about who created his own in his mind, he had to grind some specific materials manually and seem primitive. After grinding, the materials are blended into one using egg white. This idea is inspired from the stories he had heard that perhaps the rocks making up the Borobudur and Prambanan taped using eggs.After experiencing many failures, even until the property is almost gone. Warsimin finally managed to make the marble itself. In 1986, he sent samples to compare with the production of marble natural marble to the LIPI (Indonesian Institute of Sciences).

According to the results of laboratory ujo LIPI through Oseanologi Research and Development Center in his town, called artificial marble Warsimin that it has several advantages compared to natural marble. Recorded a 3-5 digit hardness Mohs scale, while natural marble reaches only 3-4 Mohs scale. Another plus is the color and pattern of artificial marble can be arranged at will. While the original marble. The interior of the artificial marble could also be included names, logos, images and even puppets booking photos as you wish. Upon this discovery, Warsimin soon gained recognition from the Institute of Science Indonsia.
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