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A word of struggle, perseverance, patience and willpower of steel is not just meaningless. Especially for a single goal to be achieved in the interest of the people. Saverius tacky is already appreciate the word struggle, perseverance, patience and determination in making steel pump machine that can pump water at a depth of 10 meters by suction power until at an altitude of 300 meters. Saverius spent a period of 20 years to complete this project.

People who live in villages Natawulu must find the source of water in the bottom of the foot of the mountain cliff. Understand it, the village Natawulu like most other villages in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, which grows in between the cliffs and deep ravines. In the village that's Natawulu Saverius lives with his family. Men who completed the School Teachers Bantu education until it was concerned with family life and community village birthplace. Passionate desire to be able to make the machines pump in accordance with the needs of the population.

The project which started from 1961 until the year 1986 was not as smooth as imagined, there are many constraints ranging from hard to find materials that are needed, the price is expensive and the design is created under the laws of logic and imagination to get a pump machine according to what he wanted.

But it did not make Saverius surrender, in 1987, the pump engine was tested for the first time in the township Wairpung (Sikka). The result is not disappointing, machine-made pump capable of pumping Saverius at a depth of 10 meters and has a suction power with a height of 300 meters. If the valve fitted Saverius convince his strength could suck up to a depth of hundreds of meters and thousands of meters to appeal to the top. This is possible because his water pump dilengakpi setter as controller until the process is done through a two-way suction. And completeness as it is not owned by other water pump - when found. Saverius immediately tried to patent it and become the pump engine pump engine named "S tacky" in accordance with his own name.
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