How to cook porridge recipe MANADO

Recipe ingredients are needed:
300 grams of rice
1900 ml water
1 teaspoon chicken bouillon powder
1 teaspoon salt
2 bay leaves
150 grams pumpkin, diced
150 grams of red sweet potato, diced
A cob of corn grain sliced
4 stalks green beans cut into small pieces
1 bunch spinach leaves take
50 grams of leaf melinjo
50 grams of basil leaves

Recipe how to cook porridge Manado:
Wash rice, then cook with water. Chicken broth, salt and bay leaves. When the rice has begun to enter the shattered pumpkin and sweet potatoes.
Cook until the rice into porridge and cooked pumpkin and sweet potatoes.
Then insert a row of corn, beans, spinach, and leaf melinjo. Mix well
Cook until all the porridge and cooked vegetables. Lift then add the basil leaves, stir once more.
Serve with fried salted fish complement.
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