Roti Jala Cooking Recipes Special Riau

Food specials are typical Malay Riau Kembojo Roti Jala and Bolu. Roti Jala even become a special local dish in certain events such as weddings daughter of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Want to know the recipe how to cook it? Here is a sample recipe Roti Jala for mothers who are interested to try it.

Roti Jala Recipe ingredients:
1 kg wheat flour
1 egg
50 grams of meat
Cooking oil
1 piece of coconut (for milk)
Enough water
Curry seasoning to taste

Recipe how to make Roti Jala:
Beat eggs in mixer until fluffy by using more or less half an hour, then put flour and water. Stir until fluffy.
Pour in mold and cook over low heat using Teflon. Print dough shaped nets using cone-shaped mold. Use the tip of the mold for the dough looks like netting. Cook until done. Then remove from heat.

For seasoning, saute curry spice that has been prepared in advance, enter the meat and coconut milk. Cook until cooked and the meat becomes tender. Lift. Serve with Roti Jala.
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