5 healthy drinks instead of water

Whoever the person must already know the benefits of white water, in addition to improving blood circulation, water is used to remove toxins from the body. why water is important for the body? this is because about 80% of the human body consists of water. At least, as normal we need 2 liters a day or 8 glasses a day. However, not only white water that can nourish the body, if you are bored with plain water once in a while you can replace it with other healthy beverages instead of water.

1. Orange Jus

Content of antioxidants in orange juice will help protect the heart, by fighting inflammation which can eventually cause damage to blood vessels. It's just still consider the addition of sugar, because in the citrus fruits have natural sugars

2. Chamomile tea

If you feel worried, uncomfortable, or being depressed, try to enjoy a cup of Chamomile tea. A study conducted the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, finding people who menyereput chamomile tea every day for two months will feel less anxious. Chamomile tea will be increasingly felt more delicious when accompanied with mellow shades of music listening.

3. Cranberry juice

Naturally occurring compounds present in cranberry juice prevents bacteria so as not to stick to the teeth under the gum line. 227 grams of cranberry also will provide 39% of our daily requirement of vitamin C, besides that cranberry juice may also increase good cholesterol, and keep our urinary tract health.

4. Milk Chocolate

One glass of fat-free chocolate milk can give your intake of carbohydrates and protein will combo, which can help us restore the body after exercise ended. Simply pour boiling two tablespoons of powdered or chocolate syrup (the sugar content of less than 20 grams) into the milk without a sense to maintain stamina and flat stomach.

5. Green tea

The content of polyphenols in green tea will launch the body's metabolic system, and make your body burn fat more easily also maintain body weight in order to remain stabil.Tea also rich in antioxidants that are good in preventing cancer and heart disease.
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