Technique of freezing sperm

FREEZING techniques Sperm
Before you start writing this, I've spent 3 glasses of water a half-hot. A little hint of concern about inappropriate hearts or not I take the theme of this sperm in my posting. However, after I thought-thought, I feel the slightest of my knowledge, I would like to share through this medium. After all, talking about the sperm that does not mean should not it lead to a negative direction.

So what to do with 3 cups of water on my fingers khatamkan before this work? Ow, no connection at all with the sperm:) I just want to prevent strep throat before I turned into an annoying cough.

I do not mean sperm human sperm, but sperm in animals. Technique of freezing sperm was first recognized by Mulyono Pangestu, who eventually was awarded Gold Winner in the Asia Pacific Young Inventor Award on December 13, 2001.

Technics drying or freezing of sperm is called semen evaporative drying processes (evaporative drying). The trick is to use a plastic straw or plastic tube shaped like a straw. After going through many failures in the test several times, finally in May 2000 it successfully tested by coating the plastic straw with nitrogen-filled aluminum bag and then sealed.

The results of animal experiments sperm (white rats) could be kept up for months. This incident occurred in December 1999 and continues to be repeated until May 2000. The first sperm preserved subsequently transferred into breeding. On 1 July 2000 the first baby born rats with successful results which have been frozen sperm.
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