Circus History

It is estimated that the first circus was shown around 4000 BC of years ago. When the attraction is of course not sevariatif presented today, but rather to show courage. For example fighting wild animals and agility contest.

Circus comes from the word "Circus Maximus" created by the ancient Romans. Where is the "Circus" means a circle and "Maximus" means great or large. Ancient Roman people are known to like art performances, whatever its form.

Show Circus Maximus usually held in the open field similar circular arena fight Gladiator. Attraction shown any more to show of courage, like throwing a sharp weapon-catching, taming wild animals and show a strong person.

Circus Maximus routinely held for nearly a thousand years, and always packed with spectators who had come from all over the country. Circus Maximus began to recede and disappear completely when the war for the sake of the war occurred in Rome.

After the circus show in Rome extinct, the circus is then moved from one country to another. Sehinggalah circus known everywhere even to Indonesia. Each circus performer who played in Rome going to bring his talents to other countries until dikenallah them as carriers of the first circus attractions in each country they visit. Pertunjukkannyapun diverse and different, but still in like the visitors up to today.
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