Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The use of computers was triggered routinely Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). CTS is a medical disorder with symptoms of tingling and pain in the hand, especially in the first 3 fingers (thumb, index finger and middle finger). Symptoms may be more pronounced at night, or when someone is in the air-conditioned space.

Symptoms caused by swelling of the nerve that passes through the carpal tunnel in the wrist. The disease can be cured if treated quickly. These disorders often chastise individuals who often use the wrist for long periods, such as holding a computer mouse.

1. Weakness, rather stiff or feel awkward in the hand and wrist.

2. Fingers felt uncomfortable, numb, numbness or tingling, especially on the thumb, forefinger and middle finger. If allowed it will decrease muscle strength and hand function after a long time will be lost.

3. Patients are often awakened at night because of hand pain and often accompanied by tingling. When you are very serious things can suddenly hold off just like that.
CST can also occur due to other diseases as one form of complication. Medical conditions cause of CST are: obesity, diabetes, thyroid disorders, smoking and consuming alcohol and coffee. People who do not exercise regularly are also at risk because of the less well-trained body causing blood circulation and muscle is less able to tolerate stress.

Relationship with job
Professions at risk of CTS among other endangered species that use a lot of hand work in the long term. Work is generally using a combination of force and repetition of the same movement in the fingers and hands, such as computer work that often wear, sportswear, dentists, musicians, teachers, housewives and field workers who operate vibrating tools such as drill.

Therapy for patients with mild stage is the alias conservative therapy without surgery. Patients were given medication to relieve pain, swelling and inflammation. Then do the physiotherapy that is warming the inflammation by ultrasound, or laser beams.
There are also training programs and the use of wrist splints wrist kind of wrapper to neutralize the position of the wrist. Wrist split the first two kinds of shapes rather stiff but can be used when working and the second is more rigid to be worn during sleep because when asleep we often unwittingly hand bend.
If you are office workers or frequently use a computer, then of course the risk of CTS tend faced big. Here are some suggestions that you can apply to overcome the disorder
• Keyboard
Determines whether a sitting position and wrists are comfortable, you can follow this way:

o Place the hands in the middle of the keyboard and adjust the position of chair. Elbows should form a 90 degree angle as well as the knees to the floor. Elbow and knee should be parallel with the floor. If you must raise the chair to add a sort of stamping on the foot does not hang.

• Seats
A good chair is used when working with computers is a chair that has arm rest (legan seats) that supports the elbow. Find a chair with arm rest is soft and not too long for the seat adjustment could be promoted to the position with the table. Also do not forget to do regular breaks during working with computer. This will help the wrist muscles to relax before returning to work.

• Use a laptop or notebook
A compact shape tends to help us bring it to wherever. However, because of relatively small, compact computers is sparking stiffness and limitation of space when used. To correct this condition should modify the use of lap top computer with a keyboard or mouse normal. Especially when the lap top used to work for a long time or is a working tool that you wear continuously. Lap top should also be placed lower than the waist, for example lap. This position reduces the movement of the muscles in the arm that is not necessary.
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