History Day Names Arabic Version

If yesterday we've discussed the history of the name day based on ancient Greek and Roman versions, this time we will discuss the history of the name day, based on the Arabic version, too.

The Arabs named the day in the order ranging from one, two, three to seven. In Arabic, the sequence is Sunday, Itsnain, Tsalatsah, Arba'ah, Khamsah, Sitta and sab'ah. Especially for the sixth day, chosen a different name is Friday. The reason the Arabs want to remind Muslims around the world on Friday that God has commanded all Muslims to carry out voluntary Prayer on Friday.

In Indonesia, the names of the days in the Arabic language was amended in accordance with the tongue of Indonesia and also follow what is captured by the auditory (ears) of Indonesia. So, we too know on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

But strangely, if we as people follow memorization Indonsia Arabs in the name of the day, then why do we not call on Sunday on a Sunday? It turns out the Sunday special for us to move to follow The Portuguese.

At the time of Portuguese exploration in Indonesia every Sunday they visited the church for worship on the first day. Indigenous population (Indonesian people) who see this often wondered about this new habit. And they replied that they do for the sake of "Domingo" in Portuguese long "Domingo" means God. Originally this word spelled into "Domingo" in old Malay language. However, later changed to "Sunday" in accordance with tongue Indonesia
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