Inventors Tool Syringe Destroyer

Syringe waste originating from hospitals or health centers must be destroyed. Because of a syringe that has become a waste it is deemed to contain a virus or infectious disease. All this for menatasi waste syringes, physician or other health workers often use a method of burying or using incinerators. This method is already good, it's just inappropriate and inefficient.

Incinerators need a special place and great energy, in addition to melt the needle without reaching the point of dissolution. To make the needle made of stainless steel into powder, it takes 1200 degrees celsius. Therefore, to look for a tool that can burn up to melting point needles, energy saving and efficient.

Starting from that, then Ir. Hariadi MT LIPI researcher designing a more practical tool rather than incineration. Tools made by Hariadi called Syringe Sheredder SS-500. A needle destroyer tool that can be taken anywhere (portable) with electric motor power of 100 watts.

The workings of this tool is to utilize the high heat generated by friction when the destruction process is done mechanically. Compared with the incinerator, it works faster. To burn the needle into 0.005 micron sized powders only take a maximum of 10 seconds. Great ....

As already registered and have a patent, Syringe Shredder SS-500 manufactured by Medinas. With this discovery of the virus from handling waste and syringes can be prevented.

Source: 30 inventors Indonesia
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