Waste Water Purifier technology.

Water wells in the house you are not clear? Smell? Contaminated?. No need to worry. Take the alum or ferric chloride (FeCI3), mix in water, then stir in line and settling for less than fifteen minutes. Wait. Dirt will then settle. So how to overcome the well water is something wrong with alum.

Although the function separates dirt and precipitate impurities in the water, alum is not working to kill germs or raise the pH of the water. In addition, not all water can be clarified with alum, water peat swamp or reddish brown color could not be cleared with alum.

Basically, the water turbidity due to chemical compounds which are divided into six reasons, namely:

1. solid waste / granules
2. organic waste
3. inorganic waste
4. processed waste food (including organic material)
5. oily liquid waste
6. chemical waste.

Sixth this is what the future look for a solution by a Djoko Srihono, a graduate of Gadjah Mada university faculty. Djoko did a lot of studies about how to purify and simultaneously kill the germs for the murky water like swamp water can be cleared up though and then to the public. Water purifier formula study results for several years was able to clear up and kill germs in the water turbid.

Not only formula purifier designed by Djoko Srihono. Water purifier also participated in formulas designed for congenial with his findings. This purifier shaped mixing tube or pipe made of PVC material throughout - 50 cm with three holes that were given three plastic tubes, each of which is connected with bleach formula, a solution of alum and chlorine as a disinfectant solution when needed.
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