History of Umbrella and Uniqueness

It was common knowledge that we shared in the final months of the year rainfall is usually greater than in the early months of the year. If seen or been exposed to rain we always tercari this one thing. He is the umbrella or umbrella comes from the word "umbra", in Latin, which means shadow.

Umbrellas are one of the relics of ancient Greece at the time was still victorious. At that time an umbrella be used to protect the wearer from the sun. Of course, the usage has limited to the authorities, officials or nobles.

In China also the umbrella created to protect themselves from the rain, with their creative umbrella cover made of paper with a special wax coating so that the umbrella becomes hard and rigid. If in China, an umbrella is used to protect themselves from the rain. In continental Europe umbrella known as the accessory of women. Views umbrella became more feminine with an ornate cloth lace on the edges and a smaller size and lighter made more popular women's umbrella.

Entering the 18th-century British man, Jonas Hanway break this habit, with full confidence, he brings an umbrella to the public and the next time the men began to follow in his footsteps. Design an umbrella for different man with an umbrella for women. Umbrella man bigger and heavier, berdesign stiff and black.

Now the umbrella has been modified in such a way, and can be used by anyone. No more distinction between the umbrella for men and for women. My message: provide an umbrella before it was overcast. Because if it rains, the umbrella can be used to protect themselves from the rain. And if the cloud turned into heat, an umbrella can also be used to protect yourself from the sun:)
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