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Diversity of marine animals and plants are very varied, various types of marine plants and animals is increasingly enriching nature of Indonesia. One of the flora that live on the seabed is seaweed. This type of seaweed which we will discuss this is the kind of Thalassia hemprichii. According to observations Maruni Wiwin Diarti a scientist who was born in Selong, capital of East Lombok is a kind of antagonism between marine bacteria. Sea with a variety of diversity of organisms is an important source of active biological compounds. Similarly, sea grass Thalassia hemprichii which has primary and secondary metabolism.

Results of primary metabolism are already known from this plant is agar-agar and carrageenan. While the secondary metabolism have toxic properties and toxin, but substances that could become drugs. Metabolism contained in seaweed potential as antimicrobial and processed into various types of drugs. The drug was among others for an antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antitumor, anti-inflammatory, anti-convulsant and sedative agents or tranquilizers / bidder.

Seaweed do contain a variety of iodine, protein, vitamin C and minerals, as well as having antibacterial properties, antitumor, alginate, tannins, phenols, and Auxin. Substance that stimulates growth and substances that can control the pollution of heavy metals contained in kelp Thalassia hemprichii.

But do not imagine if you want to get all of the properties it is enough to consume seaweed round. This is clearly wrong. Wiwin Diarti must cultivate seaweed to extract, which is prime seaweed culture are planted the roots, stems and leaves the surface of the plate NASW (Nutrient For Sea Water), which regulated the temperature by 20 degrees for two days. After that extract obtained from seaweed which is then placed on sterile filter paper. Sterilized seaweed which has potentially a hundred percent capable of killing bacterial infection.

This is one more proof that there are many varieties of plants both on land and at sea that can be processed and taken its benefits for human health. It's just still rare Indonesian people who know and study these areas in more depth, due to various factors. Starting from the facility are not adequate to their human resources are lacking.
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