Putri Malu for Health Benefits

Princess shame can be called as a medicinal plant, given the huge benefits for human health. Princess shame is an easy shrub to grow plants anywhere without the need for special treatment like any other crop. Closing reflex daughter leaves menjapat touch embarrassed if this becomes increasingly add uniqueness. The closure leaves daughter a touch of embarrassment due to stimulation is not permanent. Within minutes of this plant to bloom again as usual.

Princess embarrassed to have many benefits for treating various diseases, because it embarrassed daughter can be referred to as a medicinal plant. Benefits shy daughter, among others:

1. To treat the disease cough up phlegm. if you are exposed to the disease coughs, especially cough with phlegm, you may use plants as alternative medicine embarrassed daughter. Do I boil the leaves and then give a little shy daughter of rock candy. Drink in warm conditions.

2. Princess ashamed for treating rheumatic diseases. To treat rheumatic diseases embarrassed daughter plants can be used to relieve rheumatic pain when you relapse. Crushed leaves daughter is embarrassed and paste the affected rheumatic.

That must be considered in consuming embarrassed daughter is not eating to excess. This is because the shy daughter of plants which belong to plant shrubs if taken in excess can cause vomiting and poisoning. For pregnant women are also advised not to consume potions daughters ashamed, because it was feared would lead to abnormalities in the fetus.

Breeding embarrassed daughter is not so difficult because this plant is a wild plant species are easy to grow. Seedlings can be easily embarrassed daughter grow anywhere and does not require intensive care. Simply by providing adequate water and sprayed to prevent pests of plants and the media treat the place where ashamed grown daughter.
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