Impact of Unsafe Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is not new today, many women are willing to spend money just because you want to look beautiful. One solution in order to have a body or face you want is to perform plastic surgery. But if you still want to do plastic surgery, better learn first plastic surgery procedure. Choose the best doctors and professionals and have experience in their field. plastic surgery is done not to the experts will only hurt you in the future. The most fatal is that it can cause death.

All the plastic surgery will definitely leave a mark either plastic surgery stitches on the face or body. However, along with technological advancement of medical science that the former seam can be disguised. The use of a laser beam is used to remove scars and camouflage wrinkles. The negative effects of excessive laser beam will cause serious burns.

To improve the shape of the body by way of plastic surgery performed liposuction biasannya. Liposuction will make the body look slimmer, especially on the parts that are difficult diminished by a healthy diet. However, if excessive amount of fat aspirated will make the skin more wrinkled. Fat is aspirated in large amounts will cause death. Therefore, if you want to perform liposuction surgery consult your doctor about how much fat will be sucked up so as not to be fatal for your body.

In addition to body liposuction, facial surgery is often done by women generally artists who want to have the perfect face. Facial surgery is usually done in sections to form the nose to appear more pointed, improving lip shape and also raise the cheek to appear more prominent. Silicon is the material often used for facial surgery. By placing material such as silicone in the face of the nose will make the shape look more pointed nose. On the lips, lip impant is a type of facial surgery by putting silicone in the lips to make it look thicker and contained. There are many more types of plastic surgery, all of which is to change the shape of your face and body, but the most important thing is you should still be careful when they want to do plastic surgery.
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