Friends had ever watched the movie Rats, you know the story about mice that haunts throughout the city and kill humans. There have been many ways in which to exterminate rats, but to no avail. Finally, rat's nest where it was bombed and almost all the rats die. That's a little synopsis of the movie Rats, which sorry, I do not know the movie star. I had endless acquaintances. Hehehe.

For this time I want to share tips repel rats, but these tips are not for rats in the whole city like in the movie Rats. These are just tips or how to repel rodents that often roam around the house. The trick is: prepare 2 -3 noni (Morinda citrifolia L). Cut the noni fruit into sections. Place in a container of pieces of noni are in place that are often passed by rats. InsyaAllah strong odors from the noni fruit will make the rats away from your house.
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