CLIP inventor bearing TRAIN WITH TWO TEETH

Locomotion train or steam-engine was invented by George Stephenson who then known as the father of the railway world. While Stevens was the inventor of the bearing on the railroad in 1831. They both have been known in any country and in the insert in the lessons of history because it included people who contributed in the field of transportation.

But when I mentioned the name of Budi Noviantoro, of course they ask who he is ..? okay, this time we will talk about a figure who may be less known but very instrumental in the field of railway transport in particular.

Budi Noviantoro, born in Bojonegoro, East Java, November 17, 1960. Completed his degree at ITS Surabaya and Bandung, UIN. Before the find KA Clips, rails in Indonesia using a special fastening. For example to rail R33 size, fastening fastening rails can not wear branded Padrol or DE Clip because loose. Plus the tool had to be imported or at least on the raft itself in this country but must pay royalties to patent owners.

Clips bearing rail with two teeth were found by Budi named KA Clips or better known as the fastening rail (fastener) is more suited to the characteristics of railways in Indonesia.

If using KA clips that have been tested for years in the field before it is recognized and get a patent, PT KA does not have to bother to import, which means as well as save on import duties. Clips rek Budi great railway findings could be used in any good sized rails R33, R42 and R54.

Although KA Clips Budi had found, he did not patent the invention. For fastening the rail was later patented by PJKA. The reason from the outset, he did menyerhkan its findings directly to PJKA to be utilized. Budi ng Disampi it does not work alone, there are PT Pindad which memefasilitasinya process research, development, and then producing. But whatever it is, his name should we recorded in the history of the inventor Clips Railway sleepers with Cave Dental Indonesia.

source: 30 inventors Indonesia
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