The inventor of Solar Powered Stove

The sun is the main energy for life on earth. Unlike the energy coming from the bowels of the earth-not renewable, solar energy is a form of natural energy that can be updated. Therefore, this energy source will not be exhausted.

A son of Indonesia named Minto managed to find processing equipment energy sources renewable energy (solar sun), which has been applied in everyday human life. This tool is similar to the performance of plants that can convert sunlight into energy to do the work of photosynthesis. The name of this tool is a solar-powered stove.

The working principle of solar-powered stove is quite simple, that just convert sunlight into heat energy. Based on the reflection of sunlight by several pieces of flat mirrors, which is arranged in such a way to frame that resembled parabolic reflector.

When the reflector is directed perpendicular to the direction of arrival of the sun and all reflections will lead to one point. Collection of reflective beam is then caused a very high heat. If the diameter is only 286 centimeters, capable of boiling a liter of water in a matter of 5-6 minutes. If the diameter is 190 centimeters (two feet) may be faster ie 1.5 minutes.

The ideas associated with the manufacture of solar-powered devices continue to emerge in the minds of Minto. Then gradually developed solar dryers (1998), solar water heater (2002), and solar house (2004). Perseverance Minto has taken him to many awards he earned both national and international.
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