Cold compote Recipes Cooking Red sekoteng

Cold compote Recipes Cooking Red sekoteng
Cold compote recipes cooking easier, because it does not need to be cooked. We only provide materials that are ready to use, give or put ice cubes in the freezer. It was still fresh and tasty.

Compote recipes cooking ingredients chilled red sekoteng:
250 grams of red sekoteng / girlfriend china (ready mix)
250 ml ready to use brown sugar syrup
Avocado meat to taste
Jackfruit meat taste
Young coconut meat to taste
100 ml thick coconut milk ready
Ice cubes to taste

Cold compote recipes cooking methods:
Prepare a serving bowl, then enter sekoteng, brown sugar, avocado, jackfruit and young coconut and blend with ice cubes.

Enter too thick coconut milk and serve immediately chilled compote.
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eaten while resting in the afternoon, so delicious..^___^

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