Environment-Friendly Polymer Concrete

Concrete is known as the most popular building material composed of the primary composition of rocks, water, and cement. Widely known because of the author is relatively easy to obtain locally, the price is quite expensive but easily available and the manufacturing technology is also easy. However, concrete made from cement, water and rocks are often criticized because it can damage the environment. Therefore, many experts began to look for solutions as an alternative to the concrete mix materials.

One of the manufacture of concrete and then replaced with the polymer. Polymer is a chemical substance consisting of large molecules, with carbon and hydrogen as the main molecule. This material comes from recycled plastic waste, then mixed with other chemicals. The use of such materials, aims to use waste plastic. In addition to looking for alternatives to cement. This is one of the benefits of recycling plastic materials that are always thrown away intentionally, without we realize it can be converted into concrete base material is environmentally friendly.

Polymer concrete base material is found through the research and testing, a researcher at the basic building materials, Djuanda Suraatmadja. Research conducted laboratory Materials Structure and Bandung Institute of Technology and LIPI (Indonesian Institute of Sciences) attracts the attention of scientists and industrialists considering several features and advantages of polymer concrete than cement concrete.

Polymer concrete found Djuanda waterproof properties, is not affected ultara violet rays, resistant to aggressive solutions such as chemicals and can be hardened in water so that it can be used to repair the buildings in the water. The only drawback, which until now has not resolved is the price of polymer concrete can still lower than that of cement concrete, except for Irian Jaya, Irian Jaya, because the price of cement is very expensive.

Therefore, polymer concrete is more widely used in Irian Jaya. And beyond that, more polymer concrete used for the rehabilitation of damaged buildings

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