I wonder what would happen if the American cowboy Levi Strauss did not decide to come to America in the early 19th century. With only a few goods sales, Levi went to San Francisco's reckless and selling grocery goods to the miners around the area.

Levi sells merchandise unless the heavy canvas tents because the miners already have a tent, they only lack of clothing. Levi thought. With Levi modify creative canvas tent into a pair of pants. And it turns out a lot of miners who are interested in homemade Levi shorts.

But they complain that the pants feel stiff and can injure skin. Levi does not lack reason he then ordered fabric from Genoa, Italy is more comfortable but still strong. This type of fabric is called "Genes" is the one who became the forerunners of jeans at a later date.

Brown cloth genes that are not attractive in the eyes of Levi, and with no shortage of ideas, Levi dyeing cloth blue dye into the liquid. Levi called it "blue jeans" are often also called "denim".

In further development, artificial pants Levi Strauss began to be produced in quantities far leibh lot. and nearly all blue-collar workers in America choose to use it. This is when the term "Those pants of Levi's" (the Levi pants) among the buyers. From this was born the phrase "brand Levi's" which is the world's first jeans brand.

Levi's increasingly booming after the American cowboy movie starts playing everywhere. Because the filim actors were wearing jeans. Cintra jeans increasingly uphill and was made compulsory clothing worn by anyone, no longer just limited to blue-collar workers, but for anyone who wants to look more stylish. Now jeans, there have been anywhere and has been modified in accordance with the rotation of clothing trends.
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