Pandanus conoideus (Red Fruit) from Papua Indonesia

Red fruit or in the language of Latin Pandanus conoideus Lum in the Indonesian language known as red fruit (Buah Merah). While its local names Papuans fruit is a fruit name Kuansu. Papuan people always eat the red fruit every day.

After set by I Made Budi who is a lecturer in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science (Mathematics) University of Cendrawasih, red fruit and its turns can prevent various diseases such as hepatitis, cancer, heart disease, hypertension, even including HIV / AIDS.

A natural ingredient found in red fruit turned out so much content and useful to humans include: antioxidants, betakarotin, omega 3 and omega 9, tocopherol, oleic acid, linoleic acid, and dekanoat. Everything is an active drug compounds.

Betakarotin serves to slow the ongoing buildup of plaque in arteries. Thus, blood flow to the heart and brain went off without a hitch. Interactions on antibody namely increasing antibody production.

Toloferol is a compound that plays a role in improving the immune system of HIV / AIDS. While Omega 3 and 9 in high doses acts as an unsaturated fatty acid that is easy to absorb that facilitate metabolism.

Fatty acids contained in the red fruit is also an antibiotic and antiviral. They actively weaken and shed the virus lipid membrane and turn it off. Even viruses are not given the opportunity to build new structures and unable to regenerate. Because of that ability, it effectively inhibits and kills various strains of HIV / AIDS, including hepatitis viruses that damage liver cells. He also proved to inhibit and kill tumor cells active. It turned red fruit similar seemingly similar to jackfruit jackfruit or fruit woods and red is very good for your health.
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