Inventors of Microbial PLUS

Eurika!!! That's the proper word in yelling by Ariel Mulyana time managed to find a technology concept that nutrient enrichment productivity and useful in improving the quality of the pond. Although this man is chemist, but he was reluctant to use products made from chemicals, especially drugs trigger productivity and quality of shrimp and fish.

Therefore, Ariel makes many diagnostic studies which are the result of applied biotechnology that combines the concept of Effective Microorganism technology from Japan and nutrient enrichment. The discovery of microbial plus it uses the selected microbial species from the tropics superior microorganism without the mixture of chemicals and genetically modified. This makes it 100% safe for the environment. Microorganisms is purely contrived in Indonesia.

The reason this country has abundant reserves of materials, as well as free of genetic engineering elements such as the usual practice in other countries. Pilot field sites among others are made in the area Dipasena (Lampung), Demak (Central Java), and Karawang (West Java). Evidently, the trial was indeed tasteless "usefulness". Falkirk example only within 65 days, the shrimp can reach the size of 10cm which equates to 30 individuals perkilo. Whereas the average to grow by it, requires due approximately 90 days.

In addition, microbial Plus also has other benefits, namely to cure stress on the shrimp, both new and those already sick implicated. One key to this technology that is more directed at the environmental balance, without the least corrupt in the future.
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